How to Make TextField Number only in Flutter

Flutter Number Keyboard

TextField is one of the most commonly used widgets in Flutter. It helps users to enter their text input. In this tutorial, let’s learn how to make the textfield number only by changing the keyboard type in Flutter. The keyboardType property of TextField class helps you to change the keyboard type. The TextInputType.number makes your … Read more

How to Limit Characters of TextField in Flutter

TextField is where user gives input in flutter made apps. Most of the times, we may want to limit the number of characters. In this flutter tutorial, let’s check how to limit characters of TextField. I hope you already know how to add a TextField widget in flutter, otherwise please go through my blog post … Read more

How to Change Keyboard Type of TextField in Flutter

The TextField widget is a very important widget in flutter which lets users to give inputs. The input types the user gives can be varied. For example, if you are entering a phone number then you only wants to see numbers in your keyboard. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s see how to change keyboard type … Read more

How to Add Time Picker in Flutter

Sometimes, we need specific time input from the users. Time pickers are used in such situations. In this blog post, let’s see how to add a time picker in Flutter. I already have a blog post that shows how to add a date picker in flutter. Flutter has an inbuilt function named showTimePicker to display … Read more

How to Change the Cursor Color of Text Input in Flutter

Text inputs in flutter are created using either TextField or TextFormField widget. In this flutter example, let’s check how to change the default color of cursor when using TextField widget. If you don’t know how to add text input in flutter then please do read how to add text inputs in flutter. Changing the color … Read more

How to Validate Text Input Forms in Flutter

We all know the TextField widget is the text input widget in Flutter. But what if you want to show multiple text inputs in your app? You can use Form widget for that. The Form widget groups multiple form widgets and acts as a container. It makes validation of each form field widget easy. In … Read more

How to Create Text Input for Password in Flutter

The importance of passwords is inexplainable. That’s the reason when entering the password the text should not be visible for better safety and security. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s see how to create a Text Input to enter a password in Flutter. I already have a blog post on how to create a Text Input … Read more