How to Create Bottom Tab Navigation in Flutter

Bottom tab navigation is a new norm in mobile app development. It makes navigation easy for users. In this blog post let’s see how to add Bottom Tab Navigation in Flutter. We use Cupertino package too in this Flutter tutorial. The Cupertino package consists of iOS style widgets such as CupertinoTabScaffold to create bottom tabs. … Read more

How to Create Navigation Drawer in Flutter

Navigation Drawers are one of the primary options of navigation, especially if you are using material design in your mobile app. In this blog post, let’s check how to create a navigation drawer in Flutter. Basically, you can create a navigation drawer in three steps: Add a drawer using a Scaffold widget. Populate drawer items. … Read more

How to Navigate from One Screen to Another in Flutter

Navigation is a very important aspect of mobile apps. Literally, we can’t create useful mobile apps without navigation. In this blog post, let’s check how to navigate between screens in Flutter. We call full-screen views of a mobile app the screens, but in Flutter, they are called routes. The navigation in Flutter is done by … Read more