How to Add an Image as Icon in Flutter

image as icon flutter

As a mobile app developer, you may have to use your own images as icons in your project. Let’s check how to add images as icons in Flutter. ImageIcon widget is the most suitable widget to use images as icons in Flutter. You can use its property image to assign your own image. Following is … Read more

How to Add Image with Rounded Corners in Flutter

Sometimes, rounded corners are more beautiful than sharp corners. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s check how to add an image with rounded corners in flutter. I already have a post about adding rounded corners in flutter. As mentioned there, we have to use ClipRect class to create rounded corners. It’s very easy. Following is the … Read more

How to Create a Blur Effect on Background in Flutter

Occasionally, we may want to have some blur effects on background. In Flutter, adding blur effect is an easy task. You just need to make use of BackdropFilter widget. You can create blur effect using BackdropFilter and ImageFilter as given below. Following is the complete Flutter blur effect example where the image background is blurred. … Read more

How to Set Image as Background for a Screen in Flutter

As a mobile app developer, I always want to make each screen of my apps beautiful. In some cases, I prefer to set an image as background to screens such as splash screen. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s check how to set image background in flutter. Here, I am explaining two ways to set an … Read more

How to Add a Fade In Effect for Images in Flutter

Images are important components of a mobile app. It’s a bit abnormal when images appear plainly in your app. In this Flutter tutorial, we discuss how to add a fade-in effect for images. We also see how to add placeholder when an image is loading. FadeInImage widget is used for showing a placeholder as well … Read more

How to Change Color of an Image in Flutter

The images come with predefined colors. Sometimes, we may need to tweak the color. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s discuss how to change the color of an image. To change the color of an image, I prefer ColorFiltered widget of Flutter. It accepts colorFilter property which changes the color filter of the child. In this … Read more

How to add Image from Assets in Flutter

In this Flutter image example, I will show you how to show images from assets, that is images which are locally defined inside the project folder. First of all, create a folder named images inside your Flutter project directory. Now, add an image inside images folder. After that, open pubspec.yaml file from your project folder … Read more

How to Show an Image from a URL in Flutter

In this blog post, I will tell you how to display an image which loads from the internet in your Flutter app. This flutter image example uses Image widget with constructor. Go through the code of main.dart given below: The output of flutter image example is as given in the screenshot below: I am … Read more