How to change AppBar Elevation in Flutter

Everyone knows the importance of elevation in material design. An increase in elevation increases the shadow of the element. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s learn how to change the default elevation of AppBar. AppBar has so many properties for customizing its content. One among them is elevation. You can specify the desired value to change … Read more

How to change AppBar Background Color in Flutter

The AppBar is the top most widget that can be seen by the user. The background color of the AppBar is applied according the colors given in ThemeData. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s learn how to change the AppBar background color by overriding the default theme color. The AppBar widget has a property named backgroundColor … Read more

How to Align AppBar Title to Center in Flutter

The AppBar widget appears at the top of each screen in a Flutter app. The title of AppBar is aligned to left by default in Android devices. Let’s check how to align AppBar text to the center in Flutter easily. The AppBar class has a property title to add text. You can align this text … Read more

How to Justify Text in Flutter

Proper alignment of UI elements is a must for a good-looking mobile app. We always want to align text too so that it appears neatly. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s learn how to justify text in Flutter. Firstly, let’s see how text appears without justification. The output will be as given below. Justifying text will … Read more

How to change Text Background Color in Flutter

As a mobile app developer, you may always want to style text properly to make the user interface elegant. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s learn how to set text background color easily. Normally, we don’t play with the text background color. But in scenarios like highlighting text, having a bright background color is helpful. The … Read more

How to show Text in Lowercase in Flutter

Sometimes, you may want to show text always in a specific case- lowercase or uppercase. In this short Flutter tutorial, let’s learn how to display Text always in lowercase. The Text widget doesn’t have any property related to capitalization. Hence, we should use Dart method toLowerCase() to obtain the desired result. See the code snippet … Read more

How to add Text with All Caps in Flutter

Text is one of the most important widgets in Flutter to display text content. Let’s learn how to capitalize Text in Flutter easily. Even though TextField has a feature to capitalize text, there’s no inbuilt way in the Text widget to make text all caps. Hence, we have to use Dart method toUpperCase() to capitalize … Read more

How to add Shadow to Text in Flutter

Adding shadows to different UI components can make your app’s UI more beautiful and more appealing. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s learn how to apply shadow to Text easily. You can style the Text widget using the TextStyle class. The TextStyle has shadows property that allows to add shadows to the text. See the following … Read more

How to change Text Letter Spacing in Flutter

Styling text is an important part of mobile app UI design. Letter spacing helps to adjust the distance between each letter. Let’s check how to change the default letter spacing of Text in Flutter. TextStyle class has a property named letterSpacing that helps to change the letter spacing of the Text. You have to specify … Read more