How to create Full Screen Dialog Alert in Flutter

Sometimes, you may want to interrupt users to show important messages in a full-screen alert. This gains the full attention of the user to acknowledge the matter. Let’s learn how to create a full screen Dialog alert in Flutter. You can create a custom dialog with the showDialog method but in order to create a … Read more

How to set AlertDialog Background Color in Flutter

AlertDialog widget is one of the most useful widgets in Flutter. It helps developers to show important messages which may require acknowledgment. In this short Flutter tutorial, let’s learn how to change the AlertDialog background color. Adding AlertDialog is simple. You can make use of the backgroundColor property of AlertDialog and change the color. See … Read more

How to create Custom Dialog in Flutter

AlertDialog in Flutter can be used to show alerts in Flutter. But it has some limitations and you can’t customize everything. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s learn how to create a custom dialog. The AlertDialog widget is made from the Dialog class. Hence, you can create a custom alert using Dialog. It has various properties. … Read more

How to change AlertDialog Border Radius in Flutter

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How to Show Alert Dialog in Flutter

Showing alerts for users is an important aspect of a mobile app user interface. In this blog post, I am sharing a Flutter Alert Dialog example with you. The AlertDialog is a material design widget that informs the user about scenarios that need acknowledgment. It’s also very useful in situations that require confirmation from the … Read more