How to Underline Text in Flutter

underline text flutter

Sometimes, you may want to underline text to get the attention of the user. Let’s check how to add text with underline in Flutter. The TextStyle class is used for styling Text widgets in Flutter. Using the decoration property and TextDecoration class, you can underline your text easily. If you want to underline only a … Read more

How to Change Button Text on Click in Flutter

Change Button Text on click flutter

Sometimes, you may need to change the text label given on button during events such as on press. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s see how to change the button text on click. We use ElevatedButton in this flutter example. We also use the stateful widget as simple state management is required to change the button … Read more

How to Change Shadow Color of Elevated Button in Flutter

elevated button shadow color

Nowadays, many Flutter developers prefer ElevatedButton as their button. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s check how to change shadow color of Elevated Button. The styling of the Elevated Button is done with the help of ButtonStyle class. The shadowColor property of the ButtonStyle class can be used to change the shadow color. As you see, … Read more

How to use Async / Await Keywords in Flutter

Flutter async await

Async and Await are two important keywords in programming languages. These two keywords make asynchronous functions read better. In this tutorial, let’s see how to use async and await in Flutter. Following is an asynchronous function where async and await keywords are used. Following is the video where the official Flutter team explains the usage … Read more

How to call a Variable inside String in Flutter

variable in string in flutter

In some scenarios, you may want to get an existing variable inside your string. Hence, let’s check how to call variables inside a string in Flutter. Calling a variable inside string is extremely easy in Flutter. You just need to use the dollar syntax as given below. Here $value represents an already defined variable named … Read more

How to Detect Device Model in Flutter

Flutter device model details

A mobile app might be running on various mobile devices with different configurations. Hence, it’s important for developers to get the device model of the users. Then only the developer can address device-specific bugs and issues. Let’s check how to get device model in Flutter. The device info is a Flutter package that gives information … Read more