How to Add Raw HTML in Flutter Webview

Even though using raw html inside mobile app is not usual, you may need it for some specific actions. In this flutter tutorial, let’s check out how to make the flutter webview to load raw html. Before starting, please do check out my previous blog posts on flutter webview- how to add webview in flutter … Read more

How to Create a Progress Indicator for WebView in Flutter

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How to Add Dropdown Menu in Flutter

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How to Add Checkbox in Flutter

A checkbox is an important component to get input from the user. In flutter, a checkbox can be implemented using the Checkbox widget. Even though Checkbox widget doesn’t have it’s own state, the widget calls the onChanged callback. The checkbox can be added as given below. The complete example of checkbox in flutter is given … Read more

How to Identify Platform in Flutter

Flutter is available for various platforms. This includes Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux etc. So, when you are developing apps for multiple platforms, for example, a hybrid mobile app for android and ios, then it’s necessary to know how to detect platform in flutter. You can get the platform details using the Platform widget. With … Read more

How to Set Image as Background for a Screen in Flutter

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How to Add Time Picker in Flutter

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