How to Add a Fade In Effect for Images in Flutter

Images are important components of a mobile app. It’s a bit abnormal when images appear plainly in your app. In this Flutter tutorial, we discuss how to add a fade-in effect for images. We also see how to add placeholders when an image is loading. The FadeInImage widget is used to create a Fade in … Read more

How to Make Container Clickable in Flutter

In normal cases, the Container widget doesn’t respond to touches. Sometimes, we may need to create custom widgets that are clickable. Let’s see how to make a container widget clickable widget in Flutter. The GestureDetector widget is used to detect gestures. Hence, we use the GestureDetector in this example so that we can detect taps … Read more

How to Create Ripple Effect in Flutter

When we hear material design one thing we easily associate with it is ripple effect. The ripple effects are extremely useful in the user interface as they can visually inform the user that some action like a button click has occurred. In this blog post, let’s check how to create a ripple effect in Flutter. … Read more

How to Validate TextField in Flutter

The TextField widget is the text input UI component in Flutter. But what if you want to show multiple text inputs in your app? You can use the Form widget for that. The Form widget groups multiple form widgets and acts as a container. It makes validation of each form field widget easy. Using it … Read more

How to Create TextField for Password in Flutter

The importance of passwords is inexplainable. That’s the reason when entering the password the text should not be visible for better safety and security. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s see how to create a Text Input to enter a password in Flutter. I already have a blog post on how to create a Text Input … Read more

How to Add Placeholder Text in Flutter TextField

A placeholder text is a hint text which gives the user an idea about what to enter in the text input field. In this blog post, let’s see how to add placeholder text in Flutter TextField. As I mentioned in my previous Flutter TextField tutorial, the TextField widget is used to create text inputs in … Read more

How to Create Bottom Tab Navigation in Flutter

Bottom tab navigation is a new norm in mobile app development. It makes navigation easy for users. In this blog post let’s see how to add Bottom Tab Navigation in Flutter. We use Cupertino package too in this Flutter tutorial. The Cupertino package consists of iOS style widgets such as CupertinoTabScaffold to create bottom tabs. … Read more

How to Create Navigation Drawer in Flutter

Navigation Drawers are one of the primary options of navigation, especially if you are using material design in your mobile app. In this blog post, let’s check how to create a navigation drawer in Flutter. Basically, you can create a navigation drawer in three steps: Add a drawer using a Scaffold widget. Populate drawer items. … Read more