How to Align Widgets in Flutter

Proper alignment is an important aspect of a beautiful user interface. When the components are aligned properly, users can easily assess different options of your apps. In this blog post, let’s check how to align widgets in Flutter. The Align widget and the Alignment property are used to do align child widgets in Flutter. The … Read more

How to Create ListView with Separator in Flutter

ListView makes its children scroll. Most of the time, we require a separator to distinguish between every child of ListView. This separator is basically a divider, which can be a line. In the previous blog post, I wrote about how to use ListViews basically in Flutter. Now, let’s go through how to create a ListView … Read more

How to Create a ListView in Flutter

In Flutter, when it comes to scrolling- finite or infinite, you should use ListView widget. ListView is a scrolling widget that facilitates scrolling through its filled children. In this blog post, let’s discuss how to use ListView properly in Flutter. If the children are very limited or very few then you can use ListView as … Read more