How to Create Expandable Widget in Flutter

In some situations, we may want to create widgets that are expandable to fill the unwanted space that props between other widgets. In this blog post, let’s check how to create an expandable widget in Flutter. You can make use of the Expanded widget for this purpose. It accepts properties such as flex so that … Read more

How to Create Rounded Corners in Flutter

Rounded corners are beautiful and sometimes outclass components with sharp corners. In this flutter tutorial, let’s check how to create rounded corners. The ClipRRect widget is used to create rounded corners. It accepts the borderRadius property and we can use it to define border-radius. Following is the code to create rounded corners. And here’s the … Read more

How to Make a Text Widget Selectable in Flutter

Sometimes you may want to make the Text content of your mobile selectable to use functionalities such as copy. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s check how to make a Text selectable in Flutter. Making a text selectable is pretty easy in Flutter, you just need to use the SelectableText widget. You can use the SelectableText … Read more

How to Create Swipeable Screens in Flutter

Swipeable screens are capable of making your mobile app user interface very beautiful. They are mostly used in scenarios such as app introduction sliders. Let’s see how to add swipeable screens in Flutter. You need PageView widget and PageController class to create swipeable screens in Flutter. The PageController defines which screen you want to show … Read more

How to Show Data as a Table in Flutter

What makes Flutter so unique is its extremely useful widgets. The ready-made widgets save development time as developers don’t need to create components from scratch. In this blog post, let’s see how to create a table with given data in Flutter. We use the DataTable widget to show data as a table in Flutter. It … Read more

How to change Color of Image in Flutter

The images come with predefined colors. Sometimes, we may need to tweak the color of images. In this Flutter tutorial, let’s discuss how to change the color of an image. To change the color of an image, I prefer the ColorFiltered widget of Flutter. It has the colorFilter property which changes the color filter of … Read more

How to Change Opacity of a Widget in Flutter

Opacity is a simple property that can have huge effects on the user interface of a mobile app. For example, a button with less opacity makes the user convinced that the button is disabled. In this blog post, let’s see how the opacity of widgets is changed in Flutter. Flutter’s Opacity widget makes its child … Read more

How to Arrange Children Widgets in Row and Column in Flutter

When we are building the user interface of a mobile app we always need to arrange each UI component in a particular manner. The Row and Column widgets are used to arrange children widgets in rows and columns in Flutter. The Row widget is very simple to implement. You just need to wrap the Row … Read more

How to Create a Vertical Line in Flutter

Dividers are used to distinguish different components used in your mobile app. In this blog post, let’s check how to create a vertical divider or vertical line in Flutter. We use the VerticalDivider widget to create a vertical line in Flutter. The VerticalDivider has useful properties such as width, thickness, color, indent, endindent, etc. You … Read more